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    In this national supplement for Burkina Faso, you will find a detailed presentation of how the main ethical and legal issues raised by research involving human participants are addressed in the national laws and regulation. On one hand, this supplement includes a point by point description of the legal framework, and on the other hand, a direct access to all the legal and regulatory provisions applicable in this country. Documents are made available either by hyperlink to recognized national sites, or in PDF format.

    This national supplement for Burkina Faso is intended to anyone involved in, or interested by, the protection of participants involved in health research in this country.

    Objectives: at the end of this supplement, participants will be able to:

    • have an overview of the national legal and regulatory framework on research involving human participants in the country concerned.
    • understand how principles developed in all TRREE modules are implemented in the national legislation of the country concerned.
    • have direct access to the relevant regulations in relation to the key elements of ethics review as they are deducted from the principles developed in the TRREE modules.

    This national supplement is freely accessible without registering on the site. Those interested in TRREE training are invited to register on TRREE by referring to the instructions on the home page.