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Newsletter 13 - TRREE celebrates its 4th anniversary with recognition of the World Medical Association

Newsletter 13 - TRREE celebrates its 4th anniversary with recognition of the World Medical Association

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Dear Participants, Partners, and Collaborators,

TRREE training program is online since 2009. During the last 4 years, we have developed new modules on informed consent, GCP and HIV Vaccine Testing. The number of national supplements has increased from 4 to 9 countries and a new national supplement for Ivory Coast will be put online in this June with more coming. We have added a version in Portuguese and TRREE will soon be also available in Chinese and Polish. Even more TRREE has been recognized as continuing education program by the Swiss Medical Association and the Swiss Association of Pharmacists, the GCP module being recognized as well by the Swiss Drug Control Agency (Swissmedic) as GCP training for principal investigators.

Yet the work continues. Last year, we conducted a survey among all participants (see newsletter 8). An overwhelming majority of the persons who completed TRREE modules found them informative and useful in your professional or learning activities. Many of you also said to return to the TRREE website for consultation purposes, for example, to review answers provided to certain cases or issues. To this end it was mentioned that a printable version of the modules would be useful. Well, as many of you already noticed all training modules are now available in pdf format in all versions available online.

For TRREE 4th anniversary we could not dream of a nicer present than the recognition of our training program by the World Medical Association. We received this support together with the designation of the Institute of Health Law of the University of Neuchâtel (coordinating centre of the TRREE initiative) as academic partner of WMA. This is a new motivation for the TRREE team to keep working in developing more modules while improving the quality of the existing program.

An important next step will be the move toward Asia as TRREE is soon going to open a website in Chinese with the collaboration with the National Tsing Hua University from Hsinchu (Taiwan). In collaboration with the European Network of Research Ethics Committees (EURECNET) we are also developing national supplements for Portugal, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Romania with more countries interested to join in.

Our next great challenge in the coming months will be to rethink our organization in a way that allows TRREE sustained development at the local and international levels. Contacts are being made with academic partners around the world to improve the integration of TRREE in the basic training of students in medicine and the other healthcare professions as well as the lawyers and the ethicists.

We thank you again for keeping this initiative alive and contributing to its constant renewal. As research ethics and regulation is a living world, TRREE has to keep pace with its development. We look forward to continuing the adventure and wish you all a happy anniversary.

See you soon on TRREE.

Best, Cordialement,
Dominique Sprumont
Coordinateur TRREE Coordinator