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Newsletter 6 - TRREE celebrating its third anniversary!

Newsletter 6 - TRREE celebrating its third anniversary!

by TRREE Team -
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Dear Participants, Partners, and Collaborators,

Three years have already passed since we first launched the TRREE website! I write to you today with a great sense of accomplishment and celebration. Indeed, TRREE has reached out and offered on-line training to over 2884 registered participants from over 112 countries around the world. And more content is on its way!

In addition to having a fully integrated website in French, German, Portuguese and English, TRREE also offers translated versions of three complete modules. The National Supplements have been forthcoming with many national collaborators contacting me to provide their modules for their own countries. In the coming months, at least 5 countries will add their National Supplements: Poland, South Africa, Lithuania, Portugal, Burkina Faso. The TRREE website and substantive modules are also being translated Polish.

Additional substantive modules (level 3 modules) are in the development process. Partners in South Africa are developing a module on the ethics of vaccine trials while a team in Europe is making the final touches on a Good clinical practices (GCP) module. Both of these new modules will be integrated to the TRREE platform in the coming months.

In addition, TRREE has obtained funding to hold a workshop early in 2013 at the Brocher Foundation in Geneva to address the issue of standards for training in research ethics. The results of this workshop will be disseminated to the TRREE partners.

The challenge in this fourth year continues to be the expansion of the number of countries involved. To achieve this, critical resources are continuously being sought and new strategies explored. We wish to take this opportunity to thank EURECNET for its support in the development of National Supplements in Europe, as well as Sidaction France for the National Supplement from Burkina Faso.

I urge you all to continue to promote TRREE among all stakeholders, especially in the medical and healthcare professional schools and universities. To facilitate this process we are changing our certification process to include a validation procedure as suggested by several of you. My dream continues to be that all of us manage to introduce TRREE in the education programme at least in one institution and that we have participating universities in each country.

We look forward to continuing the development of TRREE with our Partners and collaborators, both new and old!

Best, Cordialement,
Dominique Sprumont
Coordinateur TRREE Coordinator