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Regulations on the Ethics of Research on Human Beings in Mozambique

  • Constitution of the Republic of Mozambique, 2004
  • Science and Technology Ethics Code, Decree 71/2007, 24 December
  • Civil Code, (1966)
  • Civil Procedure Code (1961), amended in 2005 & 2009
  • Penal Code, (2006)
  • Code of Professional Conduct of Medical Doctors (2009)
  • Industrial Property Code, Decree nº4/2006, 12 April
  • Family Law, Law nº 10/2004, of 25th August;
  • Law nº 7/1996, of 5th July, National Statistics System
  • Law nº 3/2006, of 3rd May, establishing the Mozambican Medical Association
  • Law nº 7/2008, of 9th July, Promotion and Protection of Children’s Rights
  • Decree of the President of the Republic nº 11/1995, of 29 December, defining the Powers of the Ministry of Health
  • Decree of the President of the Republic nº 17/1995, of 31 March, defining the Powers of the Ministry of Science and Technology
  • Order of Minister of Health, (2002), Establishing the National Research Ethics Committee (CNBS) involving human beings

International regulation

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