Module 1 is an introductory module that presents the basics of research ethics evaluation and the broader context of research ethics. It is designed for anyone intimately or remotely involved with research involving humans.
Module 2.1 focuses on the training needs of members of Research Ethics Committees (RECs) and any support function. It is also relevant to other stakeholders in the field such as researchers and their teams, or students of faculties who train researchers, who develop research projects and/or who conduct research. Module 2.1 addresses elements that should be considered when assessing if research is ethically acceptable.
Module 3 training addresses specific issues or themes in more detail.
This module is a current and comprehensive guide to the elements and principles of Good Clinical Practice (GCP) quality standards for clinical trials. This module is complementary to Modules 1, 2.1 and 3.1 of the TRREE Training program. Those modules need to be completed prior to beginning this one.
This module is intended primarily for those who design and implement HIV vaccine trials and for those who conduct ethics reviews of trial protocols. It draws upon specialized, dedicated international guidance on HIV vaccine trials as well as relevant ethics and human rights standards.

The purpose of this module is to introduce course participants to key ethical complexities that may arise in the context of clinical trials of biomedical HIV prevention products involving adolescents as participants. This introductory module is primarily intended for those involved in the design and conduct of such trials, such as site-staff, and those involved in the review of protocols such as Research Ethics Committee members.

Public health research raises specific ethical questions. For researchers in this field, the standard ethical and legal framework does not seem to be well adapted to their requirements. We are therefore very pleased to launch this new module on “Public Health Research Ethics” in English and in French. This module targets all those involved in the planning, conduct and evaluation of research in public health.