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    The TRREE course is recognized by Nigerian National Health Research Ethics Committee as evidence of satisfactory training in informed consent and GCP (for clinical research) as required by the National Code for Health Research Ethics. All Nigerian researchers are required to complete training on Informed Consent and the Nigerian National Code for Health Research Ethics. Clinical researchers are, in addition, required to complete training in GCP.

    These three training requirements can be met by completing the following TRREE modules:

    1. Informed consent training: TRREE Modules 1 (Introduction), 2.1 (Research ethics evaluation), and 3.1 (Informed consent);
    2. "Nigerian National Code for Health Research Ethics" training: Nigerian National Supplement Module;
    3. "Good Clinical Practice" training: Module 3.2 GCP.

    A completion certificate will be issued for each of these 3 modules separately upon completion. You will receive a copy of the certificate for each module you complete via e-mail ONLY from the office of the Coordinator of the TRREE programme in Nigeria, John Ipadeola ( Please check your "SPAM" folder if you do not receive your certificates within a reasonable period.

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    This module was realized with support of Fogarty International Center, West African Bioethics and EDCTP