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Newsletter 5 - TRREE celebrating its second anniversary!

Newsletter 5 - TRREE celebrating its second anniversary!

by TRREE Team -
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Dear Participants, Partners, and Collaborators,

It is with great pleasure and excitement that TRREE celebrates its 2nd anniversary! Indeed, 2 years have already gone by since we first launched our website and initial on-line training modules and e-Resources. Many changes and developments have occurred since then:

  • The website has been upgraded and renewed. The new homepage allows convenient access to modules of your choice in the language of your choice including all of the National Supplements (module 3).
  • The website and many of the core modules (1, 2 and eventually 4.1) are now available in Portuguese.
  • New modules have been added :
    • National Supplements (module 3) from Nigeria, Mozambique and Sénégal in their own official languages.
    • Module 4.1 Informed consent
  • Certification has been revised and will be available to those who have 60% of correct answers on their first click.

We trust these changes will improve your experience on the TRREE website.

We look forward to continuing the development of TRREE with our Partners and collaborators, both new and old !

The challenge today will be to expand the number of countries involved. At least, 3 projects are under way: Ivory Coast, UK and South Africa. Through the EURECNET project funded by the European Commission, we should also add half a dozen European countries and funding has been requested for other modules.

Another challenge will be to promote TRREE among all stakeholders, especially in the medical and healthcare professional schools and universities. To facilitate this process we have changed our validation procedure to obtain the certificate as it was suggested by several of you. My dream is that all of us manage to introduce TRREE in the education programme at least in one institution and that we have participating universities in each country.

Best, Cordialement,
Dominique Sprumont
Coordinateur TRREE Coordinator